Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know you’re as good as you say you are?

We have many clients across a broad spectrum of industry types, many of whom have been with us many years. We can put you in touch with some of our clients to give you an insight into their experiences of using the services of Payplus to manage their payrolls. Please just ask us.

Do you have contingency plans in the event of a crisis as we cannot miss our payroll deadlines?

That is no problem. At Payplus we ensure that all our IT systems are backed up daily and duplicate up-to-date information is held off-site for use in our fully operational and remote Disaster Recovery site. This can be up and running within hours, ensuring continuity of service.

Why can’t I use a PC-based payroll package?

You can if you wish. But when you compare the cost of the software, the training, the updates with tax tables and so on plus the time needed to implement and run it as well as keeping on top of legislation and HMRC requirements, then using the payroll services of Payplus becomes very attractive and cost effective. We are never off sick, on holiday or too busy!

What if I don’t want to use Bacs?

If you don't want to take advantage of the fact that we are a Bacs approved bureau then We can supply the relevant payment reports and you can make payments using your normal banking systems.

Do you offer a Bacs facility?

Bankers’ Automated Clearing Service (Bacs) simply allows us to make electronic payments directly to your employees’ UK bank accounts. This means no cheques or cash is needed unless you wish it. Once you have this facility other payments can also be made, so its use doesn’t stop at employee payments. Payplus undergoes rigorous audits by the Bacs regulators and carries the ‘Bacs Approved Bureau’ seal of approval.

We are an overseas company thinking of starting employing people in the UK – can you help?

Payplus can deliver managed payroll services to overseas organisations setting up in the UK.  Assistance is given with company set-up, PAYE registration and dealing with UK banks and pensions if required.

I only have a few employees, is this for me?

Yes, even one or two employees still need to have their payroll properly managed to ensure they are paid correctly and that HMRC procedures are adhered to.  In fact, there are many additional benefits for smaller companies such as access to payroll experts for advice at any time.

Can I choose what aspects of the service I want?

Yes. We can offer a service tailored to suit your specific requirements – you tell us what elements you want to keep in-house and we’ll do the rest.

What types of payrolls can you run?

Payplus can cater for multiple payroll types and frequencies (eg weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, 4-weekly, quarterly and annual). The payroll can consist of multiple companies, multiple hourly rates for the same employee, multiple payments and allowances, bonuses, holiday pay methods, backdated pay awards as well as the usual statutory payments and deductions.

How am I kept up to date with payroll matters?

We publish a newsletter at regular intervals for all our clients which includes news on changes and legislation as well as other services available to small/medium-sized businesses. In addition, you can access this website at any time.

How do I send you my payroll information?

You can advise us of all payroll related items, overtime, staff changes, pay rates, etc by secure email or through a portal. Functionality also exists whereby input data can be read into the payroll software automatically and output can then be returned by email thus saving valuable time.

Who will I talk to at Payplus?

All our clients are allocated a named contact at Payplus so that you will normally talk to the same person. Our payroll consultants are highly experienced and committed to managing the day to day administration of your payroll. In the team as a whole, there is over 100 years of professional payroll experience.

Does Payplus deal with Real Time Information?

We have invested in software and systems that will take care of your Real Time Information (RTI) filing on your behalf. All our staff have had comprehensive RTI training and will answer any questions you have.

What are the costs?

The cost is normally on a scale that represents the number of staff you have. Simply ask us for a no-obligation quotation to get an exact figure. We aim to be less costly than using an accountant or other high profile payroll providers.

What are the benefits of using Payplus?

Payplus removes the burden of preparing multiple payrolls and ensures that all current legislation, tax codes, National Insurance contributions, maternity pay, sick pay and other statutory rules are correctly adhered to. You can run your business, while we run your payroll. Your payroll is processed by a Bacs approved bureau, using the most secure operating environments.

  • You have access to friendly payroll experts at any time;
  • Your payroll costs will almost certainly be lower;
  • Peace of mind that no holiday/sickness disasters or other problems will affect your payroll processing.
What services do Payplus offer?

The services included in the Payplus payroll processing are:

  • Maximum 48-hour turnaround time;
  • RTI filing;
  • Bacs report collection;
  • Legislative payroll calculations;
  • Payroll reporting retention;
  • Comprehensive management and departmental reports;
  • Monthly and annual pension returns;
  • Multi-frequency payroll processing;
  • HMRC liaison for P45, P46, P6, P9, P38, P43, etc.;
  • Electronic payslips;
  • Regular newsletter;
  • Dedicated staff and helpline;
  • Individual employee year-end P60’s.
Who are Payplus?

Payplus is one of the leading outsourced payroll service providers in the UK, offering a full range of payroll solutions to suit every type and size of organisation at realistic and cost-effective prices. Payplus has 40 years of experience in delivering premium quality outsourced payroll services using the latest computing technology to give fast, consistent and reliable payments every payday.