Using a Payroll Bureau

Do you currently use a payroll bureau?

Do you currently use a payroll bureau?

If you outsource your payroll to a payroll bureau rather than outsourcing on a fully managed basis, you will still have several tasks to do in-house.

That was probably fine until Pensions Auto Enrolment raised its ugly head. If you’re like the majority of employers, you’re probably now battling with tasks that are new to you and are causing you more headaches than you’d anticipated. Tasks like:

• collecting and collating your payroll data;
• calculating employee overtime,
• holiday and sick pay;
• updating statutory payments;
• working out National Insurance Contributions; and
• working out pension payments.

These all take their toll on your time resources. If you’re working with a payroll bureau, the chances are you’ll be responsible for each of these tasks in-house. What this means is that your payroll staff need to know what they are doing, be trained and conversant with all the up to date legislation as well as efficient in carrying out the tasks required of them. All of this comes at a cost, and in many ways makes little sense if you’re already investing in bureau fees.

So what’s the alternative?

So what’s the alternative?
One option is to hand over your payroll lock, stock and barrel to a managed payroll service provider. That means that your input will be minimal and you’ll be guaranteed to have your payroll obligations to both your employees and HMRC met on time and with accuracy. Many employers don’t consider making the transition from payroll bureau to a fully managed service because they think it’ll cost too much. The good news is that most employers who have made the switch will confirm that the advantages outweigh the costs significantly.

When it comes to considering a fully managed payroll services provider, it’s important to track down one that really speaks your language and is keen to understand your business as well as providing a top quality, affordable service.

At Payplus we offer a fully managed payroll service at a price that’ll leave you pleasantly surprised. The service we’ve put together is focused on delivering accuracy with a friendly, supportive service that means you’re never left wondering who you can speak to if you have a problem.