Customer Service Level Charter

Our customers are our main priority at Payplus and the problem-free processing of their payroll is our main aim. In order that we adhere to the highest standards we have a 10-point service level statement:

  1. We will pay your staff on time, every time, no problem.
  2. We will provide you with a named payroll contact.
  3. You will have direct access to that payroll contact be email and telephone.
  4. All of our staff are certified payroll experts.
  5. We will respond promptly to queries.
  6. We will agree on all deadlines and timetables with you.
  7. We will check and validate all data received.
  8. Our payroll services will comply with all statutory regulations and requirements.
  9. We will maintain appropriate data security and backup systems.
  10. We will seek to exceed your expectations.

We measure our performance against these statements and we regularly conduct feedback surveys to ensure that our customers are totally satisfied with all aspects of our payroll service.