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HR Support

The close connection between HR support within a business or organisation and their payroll processing can often be overlooked but is vitally important. The wellbeing and positive attitude of staff can make or break a business and both HR and Payroll have a part to play in that.

Even the smallest of enterprises should have an HR strategy that is designed to maximise the return on investment of its employees and minimise the financial risk.

Such an HR strategy will cover things such as:

• Recruitment and staff selection
• Rewards and benefits policies
• Conduct and performance management
• Training and development
• Contracts of employment
• Data management

That is no small list and the more staff you have then the more time consuming it is to look after and monitor those aspects. As a result many businesses treat dealing with Human Resources issues as something to be done as and when needed. Usually when disaster strikes!

It doesn’t need to be like that though.

HR Administration

HR Administration

Our online HR software gives you the ability to manage the HR aspects of your staff and produce meaningful actionable reports.

Key aspects of the software are:

• Workflow structure
• Simple to use
• Reduces paperwork
• Full reporting options
• Health & Safety functionality included

HR Management

HR Management

If you want to go a step further than just having a system that logs and records HR data for your staff and have some proactive assistance in HR issues then we can offer a Retained HR Service or ad-hoc consultancy.

In either case HR materials are available such as:

• Starter packs
• Administration guides
• Staff handbooks
• Quick reference packs
• Health checks