P11D Service

A form P11D has to be prepared for each director and employee who receive benefits in kind. There are also reporting requirements on P11Ds for a few items that have no net benefit in kind.

P11D forms have to be prepared for each year ended 5 April with a submission deadline of 6 July.

Do you know what needs to be included on P11D forms? The rules can be complex and our downloadable checklist gives an indication of the areas that need to be considered.

There are strict and potentially punitive, penalties imposed by HM Revenue & Customs for the late submission or incorrect completion of the forms.

Our P11D Services

Our P11D Services
• Preparation of the P11D and P11D(b) forms and submission to HM Revenue & Customs.
• Calculation of Class 1A National Insurance arising and advice on payment dates.
• Preparation of Section 336 claims in respect of reportable items with no net benefit in kind where this is still applicable.
• Advice and assistance with regard to identifying benefits to be included on P11D forms.
• Assistance with queries raised by HM Revenue & Customs on P11D forms submitted.
• Advising where a benefit in kind leads to a Class 1 national Insurance liability.
• Preparation of the PSA1 where an employer suffers all of the tax and National Insurance upon certain benefits in kind, along with calculation of the amounts due to HMRC.