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Payroll For UK Businesses And Organisations

Easy, friendly and efficient UK payroll services for businesses and organisations of all sizes.  Payplus carries out payroll processing for large businesses, medium businesses and small businesses. This also includes small companies, 1 person payrolls, household payrolls such as nanny and carers and also independent contractors.

You will receive the same level of personal contact, expertise and care no matter the scale of your business or organisation and even if it is complicated.

Payplus has over 30 years of experience and is one of the leading payroll service companies in the United Kingdom. Friendly, qualified staff provide a full range of services at realistic and cost-effective prices. Businesses covered are located from London to Scotland.

Why outsource payroll to Payplus?

UK Payroll Services

Although we only run UK payrolls we do have a large number of overseas clients for which we operate payrolls for their UK offices. Payplus helps with UK laws and regulations as well as providing the means to make payments if needed.

Our clients come from a wide variety of organisations, service providers and manufacturers. The proof of our ability is the fact that our clients grow and stay with us year on year.

Our motivated payroll teams are based in the UK. This ensures a high quality personalised relationship where your point of contact will be a specific member of the team. This leads to consistent results and peace of mind from a specialist payroll company.

Managed Payroll

Customers that take advantage of our Managed Payroll Services tell us that the big benefit to them is the peace of mind that it brings.

They don’t have to worry about understanding the finer points of PAYE rules and HMRC legislation. Instead they can rest assured that their payroll processing is being looked after by a long-established payroll provider. An experienced team will explain things at a level that can be understood.

Real Time Information is the means by which HMRC now takes your payroll data and automatically updates records in respect of your employees. Payplus uses suitable software in running your payroll services so that errors can be eliminated.

Payplus deals with your weekly or monthly returns to HMRC and this means their accuracy is something that you will never need worry about.

Find out more about the Payplus Managed Service

Specialist Payroll

Our payroll services cover every type of business and organisation. However, there are certain types that require specialist teams to deal with their payrolls.

At Payplus we have teams that cover recruitment agencies, charities, schools and academies. The pages on this payroll website give more details.

Guaranteed Payroll

We offer two levels of guaranteed payroll services – Managed service and Bureau service where we will look after all PAYE issues and will deal with HM Revenue & Customs for you.

Bacs Approved Bureau

The Payplus payroll bureau is authorised to make Bacs payments on behalf of payroll clients who are registered Bacs service users.

When your payroll is approved, payments can go straight from your bank account to your employees. HMRC and third parties will also get paid on the correct dates and without you having to worry about doing anything. As a UK payroll bureau accredited by Bacs, Payplus is subject to regular audits. This means you can have absolute confidence that our processes and data security are fit for purpose and that your payroll payments are secure.

Pensions Automatic Enrolment

The introduction of compulsory workplace pensions run by employers for their employees is a huge change for all businesses and organisations. It adds yet another layer to the payroll and administration processes.

At Payplus we make the introduction of auto enrolment as simple as possible for our clients and that includes:

  • Giving an understanding of the Automatic Enrolment process and obligations.
  • Selection and implementation of a suitable pension scheme.
  • A payroll process that fully integrates the assessment of staff and the calculation and deduction of pension contributions.
  • Dealing with staff opting out and opting in.
  • Paying over of those contributions to the pension provider and reporting to them.
  • Issuing the Declaration of Compliance.

The Payplus Managed Payroll Service covers everything you need for Pensions Automatic Enrolment compliance.

Payroll For Accountants

Many accountants provide a payroll service for their clients. Accountants know their clients business and have a known point of contact for payroll queries. However, with the introduction of Pensions Auto Enrolment many accountants are questioning the sense in adding another layer of complexity to those payrolls. Quite often the accountants do not have the specialised knowledge or software to deal with it properly. As a result mistakes will occur.

At Payplus we can take the payroll responsibility away from accountants and either deal with the clients direct or else deal with the accountant so that they still act as the go-between with their clients.

In either case the accountant can spend the time freed up on earning fees while the client keeps an exceptional payroll experience.

HR Solutions

Human Resources (HR) in its broadest sense is the staff within a business and organisation. What HR normally means is the department within a business that looks after its people. Processing the payroll for the employees is a part of that.

HR extends to dealing with the hiring, well-being and firing of staff and the systems that enable those activities.

Most small businesses struggle to deal with these wider HR issues. They need the paperwork, systems and structure to enable it to happen.

At Payplus we can put that structure in place for you in terms of manuals, template documentation, a retained HR advice service and telephone support.

Business Support

  • Less costly than very large payroll companies, accountants and other payroll providers
  • No hidden extras: what we quote is what you pay
  • Service guarantees and no long-term lock-in

The proof of our capability is the fact that our clients grow and stay with us year on year.