Electronic Payslips

What Are The Benefits Of Electronic Payslips?

What Are The Benefits Of Electronic Payslips?

Electronic payslips (or ePayslips) are, as you would guess from the name, an electronic version of the traditional paper payslip. They are accessible online whenever an employee needs to access them, on desktop or mobile device.

Payplus have been providing e-payslips as an alternative to the traditional paperwork for many years as part of our Managed Payroll Service through a secure portal managed by the employer.

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Why use epayslips?

Why use epayslips?
  • Ease of use

    Moving to online payslip solutions is a simple cost effective process, with savings made in time taken to distribute paper payslips and obtaining copies when employees lose them.


  • Security

    With ePayslips security of payslip information is paramount. A website system is used that uploads payslips to a secure dedicated hosting centre. All data transferred to or from this web service software uses “https” which means data is encrypted and so is meaningless to hackers.

  • Environmentally friendly

    You also should not overlook the fact that ePayslips are a greener, more environmentally friendly way of paying people and will help demonstrate your business is taking its social responsibility seriously.


  • Payslip retention

    A history of payslips builds up to which employees have instant 24/7 access. It gives a central point to find payslips when copies are required for mortgage applications etc. They will also have their annual P60. They don’t have to request a replacement or extra payslip as has to be done with a paper alternative.

Other frequently asked questions

Other frequently asked questions
  • Electronic or paper?

    Well the choice is yours.

    This service may not be appropriate to all employees, so it can easily be delivered as a mixed service, where some employees still receive traditional paper payslips. You just need to advise us as to who you wish to have ePayslips and who should have paper copies.

  • Are epayslips legal?

    Yes, HM Revenue & Customs accept electronic payslips as being valid. However, an employee must be able to see a statement of their deductions from pay on or before pay day. Therefore, if an employee does not have access to the internet on a particular day the employer has the ability to print a copy of the payslip and give it to the employee. As mentioned above paper P60s are still required annually.

  • What if an employee forgets their password or login?

    With electronic payslips the employer has access to all employees payslip records including usernames and passwords so a reminder for a lost password can be sent out.

  • What are the advantages of epayslips?

    • Savings can be made on postage and administration
    • Electronic payslips can be offered to some or all of your employees
    • Payslips can be viewed 24 hours a day
    • Historic payslips can be found quickly and easily
    • Remote workers experience a faster delivery of their pay information