Outsourced Payroll Services

Outsourced Payroll Services

Payroll for UK businesses and organisations

Easy, friendly and efficient UK payroll processing for businesses and organisations of all sizes – large, medium and small businesses but also including small companies, 1 person payrolls, household payrolls such as nanny and carers and independent contractors.

Payplus is based on over 30-years of experience and is now one of the leading payroll service companies in the United Kingdom. With friendly qualified staff we provide a full range of services at realistic and cost-effective prices to businesses located as diversely as London or Scotland and for UK offices of overseas companies.

We have clients from a wide variety of UK organisations, service providers and manufacturers. And the proof of our capability is the fact that our clients grow and stay with us year on year. Our motivated payroll teams ensure a high quality personalised relationship where your point of contact will be specific members of a team. This leads to increased consistency and peace of mind from a specialist payroll company.

Specialist payrolls include recruitment agencies, charities, schools and academies.

Why outsource payroll services to Payplus?

Managed Payroll

Customers that take advantage of our Managed Payroll Services tell us that the big benefit to them is the peace of mind that it brings.

No longer do they have to worry about understanding the finer points of PAYE rules and HMRC legislation but they can rest assured that their payroll is being looked after by a long established payroll provider and an experienced team who explain things to them at a level they can understand.

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Guaranteed Payroll

We offer two levels of guaranteed payroll services

– Managed service and Bureau service where we will take on all PAYE administration and dealings with HM Revenue & Customs.

Bacs Approved Bureau

The Payplus payroll bureau is authorised to make Bacs payments on behalf of payroll clients who are themselves registered Bacs service users.

This means that on approval of your payroll, payments can go direct from your bank account to your employees and HMRC on the correct dates without you having to worry about doing anything. As a UK payroll bureau accredited by Bacs, Payplus is subject to periodic audits. This gives you absolute confidence that our processes and data security are fit for purpose and safeguard your payroll payments.

Business support

  • Less costly than very large payroll companies, accountants and other payroll providers
  • No hidden extras: what we quote is what you pay
  • Service guarantees and no long-term lock-in

The proof of our capability is the fact that our clients grow and stay with us year on year.