Thank You For Choosing Payplus

Payroll can be a real challenge and we are here to reduce the scale of that challenge to a minimum.

In order for us to do this, there are 3 steps to go through which will start the process of making things easier for you.

1. Please sign here

Please could you complete, sign, scan and email these forms to us:

The terms & conditions referred to in the PSLA can be viewed here.

2. Your authorisation to HMRC

In order to give us the authority to communicate with HMRC on your behalf and allow us to file documents and download tax codes electronically, could you please complete, sign and return the following forms by post as HMRC will only accept an original signature:

3. Money laundering identification

As we are a business operating in the financial services sector we have to comply with the UK Money Laundering Regulations. We therefore need the form linked to below filled out in respect of the main Shareholder or Director in your organisation. If the main Shareholder or Director is a non-UK resident then we will also need a certified copy of their  passport and a certified copy of a personal utility bill or driving licence. The certification must be given by a qualified accountant or solicitor. Please return the completed Money Laundering ID form back to us via email: