The 1-2-3 For Your Online Payroll 

'Perfect Payrolls' from Payplus

Do you have a 'black box' payroll? You can't see what's inside until it's too late and things have gone wrong.

A recent survey found that 1 in 5 of the UK workforce has changed jobs after being paid late or inaccurately.

With our 'Perfect Payrolls' online payroll software we give you a window into the workings of your payroll. It is self-service payroll that lets you keep an eye on things on the fly.

Your payroll online, on a platform you can access

1. Provide your payroll data

This can be done in 3 different ways:

  • Add any changes for each employee directly into the software, or
  • Import a CSV file into the software, or
  • Just leave us a note and attach any files.

Then click 'I've added everything' and the software lets us know we can run your payroll.


pc dashboard
pc add team member

2. Approve your payroll

Once we have run your payroll then the software will email you to say that the draft reports are ready to review.

You check them and leave us a message if you have any queries.

If you are happy then you click 'Approve reports' and we will know that we can finalise your payroll.

3. Access reports and payslips

Once we have finalised everything you will get an email telling you that and you will have access to the final reports.

Your employees will get an email on payday to say that their payslip is available by logging on.

pc dashboard

If you have employees, you won’t need us to tell you how taxing payroll can be. Staying up to date with all the latest legislation and regulations is a challenge in itself, and then you need to make sure your employees get paid the right amount and on time.

If you want to relieve yourself of your payroll responsibilities, one of the best ways to do so is by outsourcing to the likes of Payplus, using payroll online.

When you pass your payroll responsibilities to us, we make sure that your employees get paid the right amount, on time, every time. Working this way means that you spend less time on administration and more time running your business.

Hand your payroll over to us in the knowledge that we will look after your employees, HMRC, Real Time Information and your Pensions Auto Enrolment responsibilities compliantly and in line with the up to date legislation.

  • Secure and confidential

    We know that security and confidentiality are of utmost importance to employers. That’s why they’re of the utmost importance to us too. When you pass your payroll over to us, you’re passing it to an online payroll provider who uses software that is HMRC accredited and who takes security extremely seriously. This is really important for you and your workforce, because it means that your confidential information stays confidential.
  • Round the clock access

    If, like most other businesses, your business involves being on the move, you’ll be accustomed to accessing information no matter where you are. Again, this is something we understand and have taken care of. The software we use is cloud-based, which means that no matter the time of day, no matter your location, you can get access to your payroll – all you need is an internet connection. We work on your online payroll while you’re busy doing other things and you can check in to what we’ve been doing at a time that works for you. That way everyone gets exactly what they need, when they need it.

  • Simple, effective

    Outsourcing your payroll to Payplus couldn’t be simpler. In fact, it’s so simple we’ve broken it down into 4 Simple Steps:

    1. Tell us your processing dates.
    2. Upload your data and tell us it’s ready.
    3. Leave us to process your payroll (we’ll let you know when it’s done).
    4. Check the reports and send your payslips.

    4 steps to payroll compliance and a happy workforce.

    And if you want, you can use our software to send your payslips by email as well as avail of our Bacs approved status if you wish.

    Problems? When you work with us, if problems arise, then tend not to last long. Simply pick up the phone and speak to our online payroll support team. Together we’ll find the solution.