A dedicated team providing a top-quality payroll service

Payplus is focused on providing top quality payroll services to small and medium-sized businesses and organisations, including the education sector. This allows employers to free themselves from the burden of their payroll obligations, enabling them to get on with more profit-orientated tasks.

Committed to getting our clients' payroll completed accurately and on time, every time, the whole team at Payplus is obsessed with everything payroll.

Meet Some Of Our Team

6594-061 Robin Mead

Robin Mead

Managing Director

“The reason for growing the Payplus payroll bureau stems from my awareness of the importance of payroll to business efficiency. By working the way we do, we know we can deliver the kind of service that businesses are looking for, to help them add value."


Lorraine Annan

Payroll Director

“I really enjoy working with the Payplus team. It is a great place to work and benefits from a particularly stable team, with many of the staff having been here for years. I believe it’s for this reason that we’re able to deliver such fantastic customer service."

6594-132 Kirsten Fairservice

Kirsten Fairservice

Education Payroll Manager

"Schools constantly face numerous challenges, including increasingly having to run them as a business. We can take away the burden of the payroll and pensions work to enable management to focus their efforts on other things."

6594-090 Teresa Winton

Teresa Winton

Payroll Manager

"Dealing with Pensions Automatic Enrollment over the last few years has been a huge issue for businesses and organisations of all sizes. In reality, operating it fits perfectly with payroll and at Payplus we provide our clients with a complete service."

The Payplus Story

The early beginnings of the Payplus payroll bureau can be traced back well over 40 years with 2 accounting firms processing payrolls for their clients.

In 2007 one of those accounting firms created Virtual Business Source Ltd to separately deal with its payroll processing and to explore growing its payroll client base by attracting clients via the internet. However, no sooner had that separate operation got underway than in 2008 VBS acquired the Payplus bureau from the other accounting firm and the combined operation moved forward under the VBS umbrella, but branded as Payplus.

For the next 9 years, the operations and marketing were refined and the business went from strength to strength with both RTI and Pensions Automatic Enrolment being added to the service offering. Then in 2017 the business finally left behind the last of its accounting firm roots to become one of the leading independent UK payroll bureaus.

The current business runs around 1000 payrolls every month, processes approximately 50,000 payslips monthly and pays £400 million per annum through the Bacs system on behalf of clients.