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Payplus is focused on providing top quality payroll services to small and medium-sized businesses and organisations, as well as the education sector. This allows employers to free themselves of the burden of their payroll obligations, enabling them to get on with more profit-orientated tasks. Committed to getting our clients' payroll completed accurately and on time, every time, the whole team at Payplus is obsessed with everything payroll.

Robin Mead

Robin Mead

Managing Director

Robin Mead is Managing Director of Virtual Business Source Limited, the company which is responsible for the operation of the Payplus payroll bureau. Robin has extensive experience in the financial sector as well as many years of hands-on, small and medium sized business ownership. It’s on these solid foundations that Robin bases his innovative and solution-driven way of working today. Always seeking to find new solutions to business situations, Robin oversees all operations of Payplus and brings strength and vision to the team.

“The reason for growing the Payplus payroll bureau stems from my awareness of the importance of payroll to business efficiency. By working the way we do, we know we can deliver the kind of service that businesses are looking for, to help them add value. The biggest buzz I get from running this business is seeing how we make a difference. Our clients meet their objectives and it’s great to see the part we play in that. Our day-in and day-out aim is to deliver a seamless and superior payroll service, delivered accurately and on time, every time.”

You can contact Robin on 0800 018 0590 or at

Lorraine Annan

Lorraine Annan

Payroll Manager

Lorraine is our Payplus Manager and as such spends her time organising the payroll work and the team as well as running some payrolls herself. Lorraine has many years experience with in the payroll industry including supervisory and management roles.

“I really enjoy working with the Payplus team. Payplus is a great place to work and benefits from a particularly stable team, with many of the staff having been here for years. I believe it’s for this reason that we’re able to deliver such fantastic customer service. We’re constantly seeking to provide a first class payroll service that leaves our clients with more time to focus on running their businesses.”

You can contact Lorraine on 0800 018 0590 or at